Parent of the BBG - Brazilian Business Group
and the BCG - Brazilian Cultural Group

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Members of the Board

Chairman: Aloysio Vasconcellos, President of Westchester Financial Group - Boca Raton, FL

1. Jefferson Hammes, Director of Banco do Brasil Americas – Miami, FL
2. Luiz Henrique Perlingeiro, Chief Consultant of Westchester International in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
3. Octavio Cardoso, Vice President of Westchester Financial Group - Boca Raton, FL
4. Prof. Raul Reis, Dean, School of Communications and Media / FIU - Miami, FL

Aloysio Vasconcellos Aloysio Vasconcellos
President of Westchester Financial Group - Boca Raton, FL

Aloysio Vasconcellos was Vice President of Citibank N.A. where held positions in the Legal, Corporate and Private Banking sectors ; Legal and Financial Consultant of Embratel Participações SA , Brazil, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Brazilian Navy (CASNAV); Exxon Brazilian Oil Corporation, and Xerox Corporation – Latin American Group, Stamford, USA. Holds a J.D. from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA. Post graduate (Doctorate Program) work in International Commerce at the University of Paris, Sorbonne, France. Speaks English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Director of Westchester Financial Group, Bahamas ; President of Westchester International Corp., Florida; Member of the Interamerican Bar Association, Washington, D.C.

Executive-Secretary of the Local Brazilian Citizens Council - Florida.

The Brazilian Bar Association, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ; Past President of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Miami; Director of the Portugal – US Chamber of Commerce, New York ; Director of the American Portuguese Society, New York; President of the Rotary Club, Harrison, New York.

Jefferson Antoniolo Hammes Jefferson Antoniolo Hammes
Director of Banco do Brasil Americas - Miami, FL


Working for Banco do Brasil since 1984, currently holds the position of Banco do Brasil Americas’ Vice President.

Throughout his career, he served as an Executive in the areas of retail banking and international trade, in Brazil, Japan and the United States.

In the United States since 2010, he served as an Executive of Banco do Brasil New York, in the Corporate Finance area, moving to Miami in 2012 to take on the Vice Presidency of the Commercial Area at Banco do Brasil Americas.


Majored with a Law degree, with specializations in Administration, Banking Management and International Trade.

Luiz Henrique Perlingeiro Luiz Henrique Perlingeiro
Chief Consultant of Westchester International in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Luiz Henrique Perlingeiro is a former Vice- President of Citibank and Director of Unibanco, both corporate banks in Brazil. He was also Director of ABCBT Consulting, affiliated to ABC Technologies in the USA.

Since 2002, Perlingeiro is the Chief Consultant of Westchester International in Rio de Janeiro's office.

He specializes in Risk Assessment & Asset inheritance. He focuses on protecting structures of assets, international tax and estate planning.

He is in constant contact with clients and potential clients in Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais and the southern states of Brazil.

Octavio Cardoso Octavio Cardoso
Vice President of Westchester Financial Group - Boca Raton, FL

Undergraduate degree in Business Administration (Emphasis in International Marketing) - Michigan State University, 1995;
Master in Business Administration (MBA) - New York University, New York, 2001;
With Westchester since 1995;
Former director of the Brazilian Business Group, Florida.



Raul Reis Raul Reis
Dean, School of Communications and Media / FIU - Miami, FL

A Brazilian native, Raul Reis is an international communicator who leads the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Florida International University. Under his deanship, Reis’ goal is to position the school as a globally-engaged education leader in journalism, advertising and public relations across multiple traditional, multimedia, digital and hybrid platforms.

Reis is an innovator who understands the importance of using the education setting as an incubator for new ideas and collaborations with local and global communities. Prior to joining FIU, Reis was professor of journalism and mass communication at California State University, Long Beach, where he also served as a department chair.

He began both his academic and professional career in his native Brazil where he obtained his bachelor’s degree from Universidade Federal do Pará, Belém, and worked as a reporter, writer and assistant editor for a variety of newspapers. He received his master’s degree from Kansas State University and his Ph.D. in Communication and Society from the University of Oregon.

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To assist the Brazilian communities abroad, by organizing and elevating them to compete in at least equal footing with their hosts, thereby better integrating into their societies, although always maintaining strong ties with their Brazilian roots and origins.


Maintenance of solid Brazilian communities abroad, functioning as a platform for spreading political, social and economic aspects of the Brazilian culture and society, its customs and interests.

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